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24 Jan

Daniela Araya, Newspaper, March 25, 2012 (Costa Rica)

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Death Penalty takes away lives around the globe

Capital punishment exists in many countries all over the world, where they execute the lives of criminals but, also some innocents whose cases have landed in the hands of the executioner. In these cases there is no going back, to those dead there is no return to life and to those condemned to death, who might restore them their lives?

Three days ago two men were executed in Belarus, the offences the prosecutors placed on them were terrorist acts. On April 11th, 2011, a Molotov bomb erupted in the Minsk Metro, capital of this European Country, in an event where fifteen people died and there were more than 300 injured.

Belarusian justice and popular opinion points out that one of the men condemned was an effective participant in the event, but for the other ... as both people and the media said, there was no clarity of proof.

Media Ruv International, evidenced that capital punishments are executed after a protracted period of time to the sentence to avoid potential miscarriages of justice. Although in this case, they were sentenced and on Sunday Dmitri Konovalov and Vladislav Kovalev were executed.

The European Union as well as the Human Rights NGOs begged for a moratorium to the sentence, but even so, the dictator Alexander Lukashenko was implacable. The promised sanctions to Belarus by the EU will be felt, as for those the souls of the political prisoners filling the jails of this regime, the last in Europe but, equally bloodthirsty

According to the data of Amnesty International, in 2010 the countries that executed death penalty were China, United States, Yemen and Iran, only in this year 574 official executions were undertaken. But, the organization claims that the real numbers are higher than what is spoken internationally.

An official study of this organization mentioned that even the number of countries who apply death penalty in the world is diminishing every year, the reasons behind many of these remain controversial. Sexual relations between adults, blasphemy, economic crimes and drugs keep listed among the casual links to death penalty, a lot are not supported as serious crimes and even less to merit death penalty.

Also, it’s denounced that many of the court proceedings that led to these death sentences are not transparent and do not follow the steps that all judicial precedent must keep according to international justice. Worse still, in some countries underage people were executed.

Most of the countries pursuing this practice are in Asia and Middle East. In the American Continent the only country that implements the death penalty is the United States while in Europe is Belarus. Currently 96 countries on the planet abolished death penalty, while nine did in all crimes except those called extraordinary and capital punishment remains in 34 countries’ legislation, but haven’t executed in the last 10 years.

In Costa Rica there is no death penalty. Nevertheless, one of our fellow citizens might die in the hands of those who do apply it. The case of the Costa Rican condemned in Miami State and who claims he has proof of innocence is evidence that we Costa Ricans are not exempt from dying in modern gallows.

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