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Belarus in Focus
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In 2017 Belarusians will find out real unemployment rate

As of 2017, Belarus will publish data on the real unemployment levels based on sample surveys of households. Current methodology does not show the... | 29.08.16 

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Belarus in Focus 2011

15 Nov

Agnieszka Kamińska, Raport Białoruś, (Poland)

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Lukashenka’s prisoner with "a break in treatment"

In July his health sharply deteriorated and Bandarenka has undergone serious back surgery. For some time he has been transferred to the medical department at the penal colony in Mogilev. Anyway, a few days ago he called his wife, stating that despite his poor health he was transferred to prison. He asked for a meeting with a lawyer. On Tuesday Bandarenka’s wife Wolha and a lawyer Yuri Stashkevich went to the colony in Mogilev. The advocate met with Bandarenka, and the dissident's wife Wolha spoke with the chief of the colony.

Bandarenka told a lawyer that his health has gone down since he moved to the colony (after the surgery). “My father was told they are making him “a break in treatment” for 10 days. Thereafter they begin to talk about three weeks. And what the reason for this pause? Because he cannot stay “all the time on the medical ward”, Julia Bandarenka, prisoner’s daughter says. “The lawyer asked whether my father will have to work physically. They said nothing about that but it has been noted that the prisoners cannot give up their obligations because it would be an infringement of the rules of the colony” Julia added. Unfortunately, Dzmitry Bandarenka cannot even walk on his own. “My mother met with the chief of the colony, he said that “gap in treatment” was consulted with the doctors who win prison. What’s more, he noticed that my father is only one of many prisoners in Mogilev and they all have to be treated in the same way” – adds Julia Bandarenka. Oppositionist’s daughter points out that the head of the colony probably does not take up decisions on his own as far as political prisoners are concerned.


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